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Mason X Rain 2021


Week 4 Update


My schedule has been more than I can handle lately.  I still have photos from the previous weeks and will post them as I get time but I figured you'd rather see current stuff than catch up on previous weeks.  I was judging a hunt test last weekend so Mitch stayed home with the puppies.  I couldn't believe the change just a couple of days made!  

They all have puppy teeth and Mamma is pretty much over this nursing business.  She still feeds them several times a day but we introduced pureed dog food softened with puppy milk replacer to satisfy their growing appetites and begin the weaning process.  They are getting more active and personalities are beginning to show.  Pink and yellow girls were the first to escape the whelping box and
 we will be moving into an ex-pen soon.  Camo boy and blue girl were the first to play with each other.  It is too soon the tell much but we will continue watching their personalities to help with picks.  


Week 3 Update




Week 2 Update




Week 1 Update


The puppies are a week old now.  We had everyone at the vet on Friday for dew claw removal and a post whelp checkup for Rain.  Everyone is doing well.  The puppies have doubled their birthweights and everyone has had their I.D. collars loosened up a bit to accommodate for their growth.  

At this point Rain is handling all of the work and we just get to snuggle with the babies.  They are getting around in the whelping box.  


Mason X Rain Fall 2021
The puppies are here! 2 males & 4 females arrived 10/5/2021


We have puppies!!  Rain whelped four females and two males on Tuesday October 5th.   Everyone is nursing and moving around the whelping box .  We expect this litter to produce outstanding hunt test / field trial candidates.  


The puppies will be all black with no hidden color. They will be EIC/CNM clear.  The litter will be whelped and raised in our home with dew claws removed, micro-chipped and all age appropriate shots/wormer.  They will be socialized and introduced to birds and to water.  All puppies come with a 26 month health guarantee.  Preference will be given to performance homes.       


SIRE: SRSC GRHRCH (12) Oak Point's Traveling Man MH MNH HOF (QAA)


Link to Mason's information page.


DAM: HRCH Oak Point's Dry Land Salvation MH (Rain)


Link to Rain's information page.  

Link to puppy pedigree.  

Please contact us for additional information.  



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