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Mason X Rain Summer 2020


We have puppies!!  Rain whelped ELEVEN puppies on Saturday July 11th.  We have seven females and four males.   Everyone is nursing and moving around the whelping box .  We expect this litter to produce outstanding hunt test / field trial candidates.  This is our 3rd litter out of this pairing and is our most successful pairing to date.  


The puppies will be all black with no hidden color. They will be EIC/CNM clear.  The litter will be whelped and raised in our home with dew claws removed, micro-chipped and all age appropriate shots/wormer.  They will be socialized and introduced to birds and to water.  All puppies come with a 26 month health guarantee.  Preference will be given to performance homes.       

SIRE: SRSC GRHRCH (12) Oak Point's Traveling Man MH MNH HOF (QAA)


Link to Mason's information page.


DAM: HRCH Oak Point's Dry Land Salvation MH (Rain)


Link to Rain's information page.  

Link to puppy pedigree.  

Please contact us for additional information.  




Week 6 Update

What a week!  The puppies went to the vet on Friday for wormer and their first vaccinations.  They moved out of the house and into the kennel.  Weather permitting, they spend most of the day on the grass in an ex-pen and go back into the kennel run to sleep at night.  When you go out to feed them in the morning all 11 of them come piling out of the dog house where they slept.  They have transitioned to eating dry kibble and they will let you know if the water pan gets dry!  They are still doing remarkably well at using the litter pans in their kennel run. 

I am doing my best to get individual photos but Mitch is working 12 hrs 6-7 days a week and it's really difficult by yourself.  This week we will play with wings/birds and hopefully the sun will come out long enough to us to get into the water.    

Got the new digs all set up and ready for them!  
Lots of room for eating and playing in the ex-pen then we can close the gate on the kennel run when it's time to sleep!  
It's HOT and they like to dig in the dirt!
Little Miss Blue Plaid
Play hard ... crash hard!  There used to be grass in there.  
Yes!  She really is sound asleep with her head in the water pan!  

Week 5 Update

Sorry!  Week 5's update is a day late ... my week was just more than I could keep up with this time.  We managed to get a lot done this week.  The puppies began spending longer periods of time outside in the play yard preparing to transition from the house to the kennel over the next week.  They are completely weaned and no longer nursing from mom.  They are fed 4 times a day - roughly every six hours.  We have stopped grinding their food and they are eating moistened kibble. This upcoming week, we will slowly reduce the liquid until they are able to eat dry food.  

They are becoming more active, playing with toys, digging in the dirt and chewing on everything including each other.   

Week 4 Update

What a BUSY week!  We moved the puppies out of the whelping box and into an exercise pen.  They also moved from a quiet bedroom into our mud-room.  It is situated between our kitchen, laundry room and bathroom so there is lots more activity to get the puppies used to noise and motion going on around them. 

The ex pen starts very small, just two sections long by one section wide.  


We also began supplementing mom's milk with some soft food.  We start with a mixture of pureed dog food and puppy milk replacer.  We gradually increase the supplemental feedings and reduce the time mom spends with them until they are completely weaned.  


Puppies by nature don't like to potty where they sleep.  Once they have established a 'bathroom' area we add a litter pan to that end of the ex-pen.  That is the reason for keeping it small; so it is black and white where they are.  After they are reliable about using the litter pan you can expand the ex-pen to give them more room to play.  

Week 3 Update

Lots of changes this week!  The puppies are starting to recognize our voices and they stir when they hear us talking.  They are awake for longer periods and everyone is getting more and more mobile.  They have started mouthing and playing with each other.  They also like to climb; we had our first escapees from the whelping box.  The whelping box is also getting very crowded.  We will move to an ex-pen in the house before we transition to the kennel.  We brought them all out into the living room with us this afternoon for their first excursion outside the box.  We will likely do some exploring outside one day next week.

Mamma Rain is getting less enthusiastic about nursing.  We trimmed nails again Saturday while we were checking weights thinking that might make it a little easier on her.  The we discovered the real problem!  Everyone has their puppy teeth coming in!!  Looks like we will begin introducing soft food one day next week.     


Daddy Mason was still on the road with Stephen running a Super Retriever Series qualifying event in Redwing MN.  He had a solid performance, finishing 3rd and adding a few more SRS points to his resume.  They are headed home and he will continue training with Stephen in preparation for the Fall Grand and SRS Crown Championship.  

Week 3 Photos

Week 3 Video

Week 2 Update

Everyone is still doing great!  They are growing quickly and have almost tripled their birth weight.  Just every now and then you catch the faint smell of puppy breath.  They all have their eyes open and are getting up on all fours to walk around the whelping box.  There is not a lot of activity just yet to take pictures of, they still do a LOT of sleeping.  That should change now that they are beginning to get mobile.


While we were home taking care of babies, Daddy Mason was in Lincoln Nebraska with Stephen running a Super Retriever Series qualifying event.  He had a great weekend finishing 2nd behind fellow TFK dog Pine.  They will run again next weekend in Redwing, MN before heading home.    

Week 1 Update

It has been a busy first week!  The puppies are all doing great.  Everyone is nursing good and they have almost doubled in size.  They are beginning to push up on their rear legs when they move around the whelping box.  

On Monday we added colored ID collars so we can track everyone's weight and activity.  On Wednesday we went to the vet for dew claw removal and a post whelp check for Rain.