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HRCH Oak Point's One Hot Mess MH

NAFC FC AFC Coolwater's Hawkeye Legend x GRHRCH Kate's Little Miss Priss SR

Emma is quickly becoming one of my favorite dogs to run.   She is steady at the line and marks very well.  If she has a weakness it would be that she lacks confidence but we are working to build that and she is doing very well.   Like all of our dogs we started out training for derbies.  She was a little slow to mature, and just did not have the confidence it took to run  big Field Trial marks.  A derby career was not meant to be but she has turned out to be a fine hunt test dog.  Will McElveen ran her in AKC Master tests.  Once she titled, she came home to me for HRC work.  I  ran her for her HRCH and we gave the  Grand a try last fall.  It was a big test for a little girl and we went out in the 2nd.  We will give it another go in the spring.  

Emma is a petite 55 lbs of pure muscle.  She is very affectionate and likes to snug up close to you at the line.  She'd run from your lap if  she could find a way to get in it!  

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