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SRSC GRHRCH (12) Oak Points Traveling Man MH MNH HOF

(SRS GRHRCH (10) UH Tarbaby's Bobo MH MNH x HRCH Big Creek's Jorja Peach) 

The first performance dog we ever owned, Mason is the foundation of our kennel.  From the time we brought him home, he showed great potential as a competitive retriever.  His formal training was done by Stephen Durrence at Taylor Farm Kennels.  He has been competitive in every venue that we've run.  He is a member of both AKC's Master National Hall of Fame and UKC's Hunting Retriever Club Hall of Fame.  


Mason has passed the Hunting Retriever Club's International Grand twelve times and in 2019 acquired the additional points required for UKC's Hall of Fame designation.   He also holds UKC's newly established Super Retriever Series (SRSC) title.  The 2021 SRS Crown Championship was his sixth consecutive trip to the SRS Crown.  He made it to the final series with a 4th place finish.  In 2016 he advanced to the semi-finals and placed 9th overall and 8th overall in 2017.  2019 was his was his first time making it to the finals with a 4th place finish.   

He is a Master Hunter and earned qualifying scores at AKC's Master National in 2015, 2017 and 2018.  His qualifying score at the 2018 Master National in Roseburg Oregon earned him the Master National Hunter title and entry into the Master National Hall of Fame. 

In a limited number of AKC Field Trials, Mason acquired 5 derby points before aging out and earned QAA designation with a 2nd place finish at the Tall Pines 2019 Spring Qualifying Stake.

He is moderately sized, generally weighing around 65 lbs.  He is a fast dog, driven in the field and an excellent marker.  When he is home and relaxing he spends most of the time in the house and is is an 'easy keeper' with a funny, expressive personality. 

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