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In addition to the occasional litter of puppies, we are pleased to offer the following services: 


We travel ourselves a great deal during hunt test season but during the summer months and most holidays we are available for boarding.  Rest easy while you are away knowing your dog will be kept in a safe, loving environment.  Dogs have at least two supervised outdoor exercise periods per day.  The kennels are cleaned daily (more frequently if needed) and sanitized weekly.  Video surveillance allows us to keep an eye on the kennel even if we need to be away for a short time.   Daily Rates : $ 15.00 per day.  Weekly rates and/or multiple dog discounts available.  Call ahead to confirm availability.   

Puppy Training/Socialization

Puppies are a LOT of fun!  But they can also be a LOT of work!!  Want us to take the hassle out of potty training, crate training and giving your puppy a strong foundation?  We can get you through those first few weeks of  sleepless nights and endless days.  Our puppies live in our home and learn to spend time in a crate as well as in an outdoor kennel run.  We believe a balance of fun and structure is a key to building a well adjusted family pet.  

Basic Obedience and Gun Dog Introduction


We rely on the expertise of skilled professionals to ensure that our competitive dogs reach their full potential.  We don't pretend to be professional trainers, but we realize that a great deal of learning (both good and bad) occurs in those first few months before your dog goes to a professional retriever trainer.  Once they're vaccinated, our puppies travel with us, train with us and live with us.  They experience life in the house, spend time in the kennel and on the truck.  We teach basic obedience commands, introduce to birds, water and retrieving.   We'd love to give your puppy a head start so that when it's time to go to your trainer they are ready to hit to the ground running.  

Whelping and Litter Raising

Whelping a litter can be one of the most wondrous and at the same time most stressful events in dog ownership.  We can take your bitch 7-10 days pre-term and keep her with us until the puppies are weaned.  We can help you with promotion and keep the puppies until they are ready to go to their new homes.  

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