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Breeder Brags

All of our puppies  are special to us and they will always have a place here at Oak Point.  We love to get messages and emails showing their progress.  Send us your photos so that we can share them here. 

Mason x Rain 

Spring 2017

Mason x Rain 

Fall 2018

Flex X Annie

Summer 2017

Mason x Rain 

Summer 2020

2019 Spring Grand​


I am over the moon proud!  Mason earned his 9th Grand pass at the 2019 Spring Grand in Cheraw SC.  There were three of our puppies running in the same flight and all three of them earned their first Grand passes as well.  Congratulations to Cash (owned by Dustin Owens) and Fancy (owned by Korey Vickers) out of our Spring 2017 Mason x Rain litter and Kane (owned by Leah Spivey) out of our Summer 2017 Flex X Annie litter.  A Grand pass is an impressive accomplishment at any age but at just 18-25 months old I couldn't be prouder of these puppies!

Mason Fancy & Cash.jpg

Mason & his puppies (Fancy on the left and Cash on the right

Leah and Kane.jpg

Leah Spivey and Kane

Justin & Kane.jpg

Justin Hergert and Kane

Cash HRCH.jpg

HRCH Vickers' Counting on Cash

(Mason x Rain)

Owned by Korey Vickers​, earned his Finished title at Middle Georgia this spring.  


HRCH Owens' One Chance Fancy

(Mason x Rain) Owned by Dustin Owens​, earned her Finished title at Old South

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