We do not currently have puppies available.  Our next litter will likely be Fall 2019.  We are planning to breed Annie at her next cycle but have not made a final decision on the sire.  

In the meantime, see below for other recommended litters:  

Mason X Molly


Jimmy Riley is expecting a litter of Mason puppies the last week of May.  This all black litter is a cross of a Bobo son bred to a Dude daughter and has the potential to make a really nice pairing.  Molly was not campaigned as a competitive dog but is hunted extensively and has a great work ethic as well as being a pleasant companion dog.  She has a litter mate that is GRHRCH, MH, MNH so the genetics are there.    

Link to pedigree:  Mason X Molly

Contact Information:  Jimmy Riley

                                    Phone: (270) 703-0427

                                    Email:  jimr@rileyelectricco.com

Week 2 Update


The puppies all have their eyes open.  They are beginning to get their feet under them and toddle around.  Their ears have started to open.  Their heads are taking shape and they look more like puppies.  They have found their voices and in addition to usual grunts and whines we are starting to hear little barks and growls.  Everyone is steadily gaining weight and growing good.  

Week 1 Update


All of the puppies are strong and healthy.  They are nursing well and nearly all of them have doubled their birth weight in the first week.  We made a trip to vet at 3 days for dew claw removal.  They are moving around the whelping box and most of them are beginning to push up on their rear legs.  In the next week or so their eyes and ears will begin to open and they will get increasingly mobile as they transition from a newborn belly crawl to walking upright.  I'll work on getting more individual photos then.  Right now there is not much to see except sleeping, crawling and nursing!  

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