Upcoming Litters

Karma has not been our friend this breeding season.  Most of our girls were due to cycle in December.  We had to planned to breed Emma then and delay breeding Rain until her summer cycle. 

Unfortunately, the only one that got the memo was Rain and we were not breeding her!  When Emma finally did cycle, it was too late to breed and whelp a litter of puppies before the Spring Grand and I really want to run her there.  

At this time we are planning to breed Rain next cycle (should be June-ish).  I still want to breed Emma as well but it will depend a lot on the timing of her cycle and how she does at the Spring Grand.  Annie is also a possibility for a fall litter depending on how everything else goes.   



Mason x Rain - July 2020

All of the Mason x Rain have gone home. 

Rain whelped ELEVEN puppies Saturday July 11th.  A repeat of our most productive breeding so far.  The first litter sent 4 puppies to working homes.  At three years old, three of them are HRCH, two have Grand passes, two are qualified all age and one is a MH with a Master National plate.    


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